All Women Bike Rally

Women empowerment is all set to receive a new pair of wings.


About the Rally

Like many other clichés, it is believed that riding a bike is a guy’s thing.

But time and again women have proven that there’s nothing that a woman can’t do. Be it, dominating the workplace in an array of fields, she has fought for her rights and steered ahead. And in most cases has overpowered men while doing so.

And a bike rally, that is liberating gives the woman of today, yet another opportunity to break the stereotype and prove the world wrong all over again one more time. Because who says that biking is just for a man?

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Celeb talk

Women are unstoppable. And to celebrate the spirit of womanhood, BCCL Languages brings ALL WOMEN BIKE RALLY across India on, 5th March 2017.

Ankush Hazra

উইমেনস বাইক র‍্যালি শুনেই ভালো লাগছে। অনেক মহিলাকেই দেখেছি, শাড়ি পরে বাইক বা স্কুটি চালাতে। এই যে ঐতিহ্যের সঙ্গে আধুনিকতার মেলবন্ধন - এই বিষয়টাই আমাকে মুগ্ধ করেছে। আমার তরফে বেস্ট উইশেস।

অঙ্কুশ, অভিনেতা

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